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What People Are Saying:


Sax Preacher has developed into one of the most gifted Alto Saxophonist who communicates with a lyrical essence.  He provides exciting intensity to his rhythmic zeal.  He is truly a unique personality to see, hear and/or just be around. His bright personality can be readily discerned on or off stage. This multi-talented Saxophone player has made appearances throughout Chicago, the United States, Canada, and Finland.  The Creator gifted this entertainer with the ability to express the essence of life through music – the essence is LOVE.


Earl Calloway – Entertainment Editor;

Chicago Defender Newspaper



Sax Preacher is a dynamic ENTERTAINER! His saxophone playing is excellent and at various times can be either spiritual, soulful, powerful or jazzy but always with melodic tone quality. His stage presence is also highlighted by his colorful and artistic/original garments. Sax's performances are always high powered whether performing alone with tracks or with his outstanding full band. Sax often walks through the crowd serenading the ladies as they scream and swoon.

Clyde Banks



Sax Preacher has a God given gift that ministers to the soul. He plays the sax from the core of his being and takes you on a journey from the beginning to the end of his set. He always leaves you wanting to hear more of his music. Play Sax Preacher!

Co-Pastor Gay Chisum



Sax Preacher and I have worked together for many years as entertainers. I am a 4 Time APOLLO Theater Winning Songstress and he is an awesome saxophonist. He is always punctual and is the ultimate professional. He performs above and beyond expectations.

Dr. Dena Allen Spivey



Sax Preacher aka Min. Rahim is one of the most vibrant Sax players I have seen, felt and experienced. As a Universal and very Spiritual Preacher and Musician, he incorporates the two disciplines and shares a very uplifting message both for the mind, heart and soul. Sax Preacher really knows how to interact, inspire and motivate his audience. Just love the way and how smooth he plays his saxophone.

Senghor Baye



The artist is a sparkling example of a rhythmic feel and embraces you with his true compassion for music, soul, and heartfelt melodies. You must take a seat, allow the lights to dim, and lean back so you are taken back to a musical time of memories. The Legendary Sax Preacher lives up to his name in a real way!

Jessica Holloway


Hello Sax Preacher:

Everyone is still talking about you.  I don't think I can thank you enough.  I really didn't expect an entire show, but I feel I have personally been blessed that you made the Black history event the highlight of the year for Brainerd Senior Center.  They want you to come back for our next event!

Gloria Bell

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