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Sax Preacher aka Darrell Wilson was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He began playing the Sax at Englewood High School in 1972.  After graduating from high school in 1976, Sax Preacher went on to pursue a career in music. He continued his music studies at Olive-Harvey College where he met and took private lessons with jazz great Jimmy Ellis.  He also studied music at Kennedy-King College (Doug Turner) & Loop College (James Mack).  Later he attended Columbia College and Majored in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management with a Minor in Theatre.  After leaving college and starting a few production companies with other people. He teamed up with Lincoln University Music Major Tyrone Williams (Omari Jahi Aton), recorded and produced 3 CD's & 2 Live DVD's on TOMA Records and have sold to this date over 20,000 copies through their own distribution channel.


Sax Preacher stated; "In 1987 after taking my will to its extreme, I was diagnosed with a rare incurable lung disorder called Sarcoidosis. The doctor said that because of the scar tissue on my lungs, I would never play the saxophone again.   The Creator proved the doctors wrong, they said I had only 18 months to live, but when GOD calls you on a mission you might run for a while but you can’t hide. I stopped running, repented of my transgressions, and GOD through the use of nature’s herbs, prayer, and a change in diet, healed me.


Sax Preacher and Omari (Keyboards), have been performing songs from their CD's at Gigs throughout the Chicago and Suburban areas. Mostly performing as a duet and sometimes with the back up band, Energy, Time, & Space. The current members of E.T.S. are Earl O'Neal (Guitar), James Thornton (Bass), and Glover Washington, Jr. (Drums). The Band has been with TOMA Production since 1987. Sax Preacher and Omari have shared the stage with R Kelly & MGM, Lou Rawls, Phyliss Hyman, The Chi-Lites, Art Porter, Roy Hytower (Doktu), Tyrone Davis, Buddy Ace, Koco Taylor, Otis Clay, Bernie Mac, Adele Givens, Joan Collaso, Jeffery Osborn and many, many more. 


He’s the founder of the Temple of Mercy Association, Advisory Board member of ABJ Civic Arts Center, Chairman & President of the United Black American Progress Association, CEO of Toma Productions & Records, Publisher of the "Wake Up" Newspaper, Member of the "Clergy Advisory Council" for the Cook County Sheriff's Dept.,  Wm of Franklin Lodge #25 (IL.), Past Grand Lecturer  for Wm V. Banks Grand Lodge (IL.), Founder of the “Original Men In Black (O.M.I.B.)

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